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… I think my fellow bloggers died.

Well, onto the music.

I GOT AN iTOUCH! I’m practically in love with it. That’s all the music-related news from me right now.

Sorry, that was useless. It’s just that, this blog looked so lonely & abandoned. Maybe now, once they see it, the other two will be reminded to update.

Fingers crossed.


The Rant On Carols (Yes, I can feel you groaning. Just read it.)

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I know that’s very cliché. But it’s quite true. There’s nothing like Christmas to get you out of a rough patch. For me, anyway.

Anyway- since this is a music blog- I’m going to rant on about Christmas carols.

Everyone knows ‘em. At least one, anyway. People of all races, backgrounds – religions, even- know what Christmas is. & probably know the words to most popular Christmas carols as well. I know I do – even though I say I’m an atheist. This is the time of the year I go all hypocritical & ACTUALLY take part in all the traditions & everything else that makes up the idea of Christmas.

Anyway, you probably hear them blaring out of shops, choirs singing them here & there, wherever. & shrilly volume of it probably irritates you, right? I mean, it does to most people. Especially the totally off-tune, high-pitched, tuneless ones that I sometimes hear in not-so-good shops & places.

And- don’t deny it- you always (or most of the time, anyway) decline any invitation or inclination anyone offers to take part in any caroling service. Unless you’re like me- someone who turns into an absolutely do-gooder at the start of the holiday season. Or you have ulterior motives for doing so- such as a drinking party afterwards, or something.

But truthfully- Whether or not you like it, or if you can sing or not, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is if you have the right spirit.

Most people these days only think of the commercial benefits of Christmas now. Like the clearance sales, the expensive décor, etc. That stuff  ISN’T what Christmas is all about. At least, it shouldn’t be.

The REAL point of Christmas is to get together with your family & appreciate each other. I mean, of course it IS when Jesus was born & all, but it’s not just that. Family togetherness (Okay, maybe not with family even. Friends & loved ones included.)

That is sort of the point of all the carols. Sure, all of them seem to only be talking about the birth of Christ- but look deeper. It’s all a metaphor for family, friends & loved ones. It’s basically a festival of love.

So next time- think twice before you wince & curse at the annoyingly cheery tunes that blare all around you. I know this’ll sound TOTALLY childish & weird- but don’t be a Scrooge! Appreciate everyone in your life. I shouldn’t even have to remind you to do so.

And to complete my Christmas post (‘Finally!’ you must be thinking. Yes, I know. Christmas makes me go all weird, goody-goody & passionate. :D ):



More next year! ;)

RIP: Chuck Schuldiner [1967-2001]

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Today marks the seventh death anniversary of the forefather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner. May he rest in peace. He will forever be respected for his astounding contributions to the sub-genre of death metal- to create it, rather. Let us indulge in his creations in remembrance of him.

Hail Death. Hail Schuldiner. RIP

& Then There Was Pilottown

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Hello, folks! As you would have understood after reading the last two posts- we’re three music addicts with various tastes who want to share our music to all of you who keep in touch with this blog. (:

Oh. An introduction, eh? Well, I’d rather not mention my name- so you might as well refer to me as Pilottown. (: Ah, that’s a name of a ship from Clive Cussler’s book: …oh to hell with it. I can’t seem to recall its name.

So anyway, my musical taste falls into the diverse category of Heavy Metal and pretty much everything under it. & also my roots- which includes quite a lot of rock/classical/pop-rock etc.

Hmm.. As much as I’d like to stick to the “Favourite Songs List” as my counterparts have done, I really can’t seem to follow it ’cause there are more than one song that’d add into one position itself. & so, as an alternative I’ll try to rate my favourite bands according to the format Sashi & Concrete has followed. (:

Moving on:

10) Immortal
09) Solitude Aeturnus
08) Nevermore
07) Behemoth
06) Bathory
05) Necrophagist
04) Death
03) Led Zeppellin
02) The Doors
01) Iron Maiden

And there you go. But those are just some of my favourite bands. I couldn’t fit most of them, so I guess the above isn’t in order. ..meh. Whatever. You get the point, right?

I think it would be quite appropriate for one to believe that I would be involved with everything regarding metal on this blog. x)

Until then, keep it metal! Heil! \,,/


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Well, hey! This is Freyja. Or Frey. Or just Sashi.

We’ll just stick to Sashi, okay?

Well, Concrete Girl explained the reason for this blog already. I hope you understood coz up till very recently I didn’t. Oh well. I’ve always been a little slow.

Anyways, I’m 14 (with the mindset of a 10-year-old, apparently. Long story.). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey’s Anatomy! I have major issues, I’m sarcastic, irritable, impatient, cold (sometimes.), immature too (Heehee. xD), WAYYY moody (these two can tell you as much.)

But I tend to be a pessimist, so I think only negative things about myself. I dunno my positive side. We don’t keep in touch all that much.

Well, as for my music taste, let’s just say – it varies. A lot.

I love all types of music. Metal, rock, R&B, classic, oldies, you name it. I used to be a crazy hip-hop fan, but then my life got too complicated for me to listen to a million mindless beats with no deep meaning. That’s kind of when I got into rock & stuff. I still do listen to some hip-hop, much to the chagrin of my fellow bloggers. xD

I have no favourite band or singer in particular order. I just love ‘em all! My taste in music reflects my personality in general: Random. Unpredictable. You get my drift.

So I’ll follow Concrete Girl’s lead, & list 10 of my favourite songs at the moment:

10) The Man Who Cant Be Moved – The Script: I think of all Script songs, this is my favourite. Don’t get me wrong- I adore all of their songs. They most definitely go on my list of favourite artists (if I had one.), but this song is so sweet. I wish a guy would do something like that for me.

But of course they won’t. They’ll just move onto bigger & better things, leaving behind the sad, pathetic dreamers like me. But let’s not get into that.

9) Black Roses Red – Alana Grace: I so totally have to thank Concrete Girl for this one. I think it really applies to me & my life right now. I mean- that line: “Drowning in my loneliness, how long must I hold my breath?” – I love it. It’s so me.

8) Disarray – Lifehouse: Lifehouse. Magical, magical Lifehouse. This is my favourite out of all their songs. I love his voice!!!

7) Fluorescent Adolescent – Arctic Monkeys: This song just makes me laugh everytime I hear it. I mean, he’s so totally talking about an ex-hooker who traded in her carefree life for a married one, & how she’s coping with it. It’s hilarious.

& his adorable accent makes it a squillion times better. ;]

6) Remember The Name – Fort Minor: This is more a rap-sy song. Usually I don’t like a lot of rap, but this one is special. It’s a story of a gang of guys who made their way to the top, overcoming their problems on the way. I mean, the chorus says it all:

This is 10% luck, 20% skill

15% concentrated power of will

5% pleasure, 50% pain

And a 100% reason to remember the name.

5) Teenagers – My Chemical Romance: I know, I know. It’s very emo. But hey, I’m a freaking conglomeration of mixed personalities (or so I think I am.), so why shouldn’t I have an emo side to me too? This song is awesome. “Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.”. I can so relate to that. XD

4) Decode – Paramore: Why do I love this song? A number of reasons.
a. It’s a soundtrack from Twilight. I freaking adore Twilight.

b. It accurately describes Edward Cullen. Need I say more?

c. The song itself is awesome. =)

3) Enter Sandman- Metallica: I love Metallica. I really, really do. It’s one of those really weird things about me that I can’t even understand. & I keep listening to this song on repeat. Whether it’s the lyrics, or the vocals or the beautiful, beautiful guitar & drum rips that make me adore this song, I dunno. Can’t decide. Either way, I love it.

2) Oye Como Va – Santana: Santana is a god. Seriously. I love absolutely ALL his songs! But this one is just sooo laid-back. Total easy-listening. It’s kind of my stress-busting song. Love Santana. Love the song. Thankyouverymuch.

1) Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick: This is from Greys Anatomy, my all-time favourite show (as mentioned above.) It is so beautiful. I’ve memorized all the lyrics & I sing it wherever & whenever I can, forgetting the fact that I absolutely cannot sing for shit.

So there you have it. This list will probably change in about a week or two, so I’ll probably be posting more entries later on, so watch out for more!



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Okay, so this blog was created because we’re all music geeks, hence the blog name. (: & we just wanted to share our love for music with everyone.

First off, let me introduce myself; I’m 16 years old & hyper. :D I’d like to think of myself as smart(God knows if that will ever come true). I’ve had (and still have)a more than a fair share of embarrassing moments. Oh yeah and I COMPLETELY & TOTALLY  LOVE SWITCHFOOT!

They’re my favourite all-time band and always will be. They inspire me, and they’re my idols(please don’t ask me why, it’s a long story. :D). Hmm.. I write songs, I love rock, period. Oh yeah, you don’t want to know where I live. Right about now, I’m listening to Switchfoot and recovering from my semi-nighter, with mosquitoes(damn them) & of course- with coffee. and yes, my wallpaper is Switchfoot. My room is plastered with pictures of them. Okay, not totally. My room is a catastrophe of randomness. You should see the pictures on my wall. :D
Hmm.. Whatever. I think I’ll just make a list of my 10 favourite songs inclusive of a description as to why I love them. xD Oh and I’ll continue to do so over the next couple of.. nevermind. Just so you know, it’ll depend on my mood. (:

Well then, here goes:

10) “Sidewalks” by Story of the Year: Hmm.. I love this song because like, this one time I was reading this book called.. okay. I forgot what it’s called-but its by Anita Shreve and this song totally corresponded with the book. I remember my ex would tease me about it, but oh well, he’s a wanker anyways. So yeah, I love this song because whenever I listen to it, I dont know.. this thing just wells up inside of me & I remember that book and how profound it was. Yes, I’m a complete and total emotional person. Right. Next one.

9) “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver: I remember Switchfoot sang this at one of thier concerts, but as much as I love them; that’s not the reason why I like this song. Hmm.. Fine. I really don’t know. I just like it. It’s about home. kind of like how I miss Sri Lanka(my home country & no, I’m not living there).

8) “Let Me Out” by Bens Brothers: I first heard this song on VH1 & I  liked it. What’s to say? It reminds me of something, but I really don’t want to mention that right now. No, it’s not perverted.

7) “Starcrossed” by Ash: You know those horribly long car trips? Yeah, I was on one of those and I listened to this song on repeat & it was beautiful. With this song in my ears and the countryside passing by,yeah it was moments on end of utter bliss.

6) “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script: Yeah, this song’s a big one. But that isn’t the reason I like it. I think it’s totally sweet: the concept of a guy waiting for a girl on the street where they first met.(I’M A GIRL! IT’S NATURAL FOR ME TO THINK LIKE THIS! Jeez.(*hint,hint*)

5) “The Middle” by Jimmy Eats World: I live a horrible life. Seriously. I’m paranoid.(okay, not anymore) But I just love this song ’cause when I feel like the whole world hates me, I listen to this song & I’m okay again. It has this something. I don’t know what, but this song is really comforting.

4) “Inside Out” – Eve6: I LOVE this song. Just love it. It’s so catchy and I listen to this whenever I go for a jog. Haha, I feel invincible when I listening to it, for some reason.

3) “Boston” – Augustana: Listen to it. Just listen to it! I don’t have to tell you why I love it.

2) “Oh! Gravity” by Switchfoot:

  • A teacher calls this song the “Floating Song”. I mean, how insulting is that? She could at least get the name right. Jeez.
  • This song is about physics. Apparently, what Jon Foreman(vocalist) says is that in physics everything is supposed to stay together & not separate. So why is it that on a political/social scale things just fall apart? Hmm? You tell me.

1) “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot: Of course #1 was going to be Switchfoot. Tehee. What did you think? Anyways, this is the first song by them that I fell in love with. Once, I was sleeping and this song started playing ’cause someone was calling me and I remember thinking that it was the most beautiful piece of music I have ever listened to. & I just woke up all dizzy.

So there you go. (:
My favourites for now.
Well, I’d better get back to depressing economics.
There’s more to come! Soon! (:


*Comments are greatly appreciated. ;)